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This fund is open to Denman Islanders who wish to take an agriculturally related course or workshop

  • Applicants must be a local farmer, grower, or food producer and produce an agricultural product grown on island.

  • The nature of the request should meet the GPA’s constitutional goals and purposes.

  •  Applicants must complete the Scholarship Application prior to the course start date. 

  • The scholarship will be up to 50% of the applicant’s educational fee – maximum $300 per year.

  • Educational activities (courses, workshops, training sessions, webinars) can be on or off the island, and can include travel costs.

  • Educational activities must be related to improving the applicant’s agriculturally related business.

  • If applicable, the recipient should lead, or facilitate, a knowledge-sharing session, or workshop, on the relevant topic in return for the scholarship


When reviewing applicants the Board asks if the scholarship will help to:

  • Develop local processing facilities and systems for adding value to agricultural products?

  • Increase opportunities for youth, families, seniors and future generations to engage in agricultural activities?

  • Develop year-round marketing for island agricultural products?

Click here to download the Application Form. Please submit the form in advance of the council's meeting, on the third Thursday of the month, and prior to your course start date. 

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